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Need Your Hot Tub Servicing?
We can easily service your hot tub for you using genuine parts and 15 years of experience repairing hot tubs of all makes and models.
Hot Tub Repair
In Cornwall
If your looking quality service at sensible price by someone who can quickly repair any hot tub system then you need to call.
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From Leaky Seals To
Your Electrics Tripping
Here's Why You Need
Hot Tub Repair Man
While certain hot tub issues, such as leaking unions, can be quickly addressed with do-it-yourself methods, most electrical problems require the assistance of a professional for obvious reasons.
Hot Tub Repair Man is committed to the highest safety standards whilst serving as a reliable cost efficient way of getting your hot tub back up and running in the quickest way possible.
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No1 Hot Tub Engineer In Cornwall!

We proudly maintain 100% fix guarantee and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee which is backed up witha 1 year parts and labour warranty. It’s the reason why we do what we do, we repair all makes and models of hot tubs to the highest standard with genuine parts making sure our customers are highly satisfied and fully informed of costs up front as well as the causes.
Fixing hot tubs isn't complicated if you use the right company.

  • Fast Reliable Quality Service at Affordable Prices
  • Responsive Emergency Services
Efficient Residential & Commercial
Hot Tub Servicing!

We service most brands of all residencial and commercial hot tubs.

frequently asked questions
You Have Questions,
We Have Answers

Hot tub electrical problems can be extremely frustrating, especially when it means you can’t use your all hot tub, it won't heat, trips the electrics or all of the above! Do you have questions?

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How do you remove an air lock?
Probably the best way is to loosen the union on the pump that goes through the heater, or loosen the heater union to get the air out quickly.
Whats the best way to clean a hot tub filter?
A powerful hose into the pleats of the filter, followed by a filter cleaning soak, then clean the cleaner of with a hose and leave to dry.
What do you do when servicing a hot tub?
We check over the elctrics and look for leaks mostly, but we can also system flush, drain and clean your spa to perfection for you.
Cornwalls Only Independent Hot Tub Engineers,
Experts in Hot Tub Repair And Servicing!

Based in Tuckingmill we can fix hot tubs quickly and efficiently.
Our experience means we fix first time which is guaranteed by our 1 year warranty on parts and labour.
Don't call out a salesman if you need an engineer,
we carry the all parts needed on our vans to repair your hot tub quickly,
so call now or schedule an appointment online.

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