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Hot Tub Do’s And Don’ts

Create regular routines to keep your hot tub in tip top condition. If you work

How Hot Is Hot?

The clue is in the name of the appliance, it’s a hot tub. That means

How To Host A Girls’ Night In With A Difference

As the old saying goes “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”

Hot Tub Tripping Electrics

Trip switches that are residual-current devices (RCDs) are different from conventional circuit breakers, and serve a life-saving function for hot tub users. If you are in the habit of changing circuit breakers yourself, it is very important that you understand this difference. Otherwise you might replace an RCD with a conventional device, and lose your life!

Hot Tub Care and Safety

Hot tubs need to be cared for. The stagnant water can breed harmful organisms, and

Hot Tub Safety Check

Hot Tub Safety has always been at the fore front of every repair or service our company has done, so we have decided to make one of our hot tub services in the form of a 1 hour check up.

Hot Tub Service

Hot Tub Service – The only thing we cant help you with after we’ve serviced your hot tub is how to stay safe.
So here are a few tips on ‘Using Your Hot Tub Safely’

Spaform Spa Repair and Service

Spaform Spa Repair and Service Spaform has been producing luxury spas for more than 25

How To Keep Your Hot Tub Power Bills Down

How To Keep Your Hot Tub Power Bills Down Hot tubs are great in that

Hot Tub Chemicals: What do they do?

Hot Tub Chemicals – If you have a hot tub and you leave the water as it is, you would soon become aware of several problems.

Hot Tub Spare Parts

Hot Tub Spare Parts – If the dealer in the area does not carry the replacement parts that you need, then you may be able to call the company that made your hot tub or spa and order it directly through them.

Spaguard Tablets Discontinued

SpaGuard News Unfortunately the Spaguard Smart Tabs have been discontinued, these tablets have been a

Hot Tub Electrical Upgrades

Hot Tub Control Box Upgrade Changing your hot tub control system doesn’t have to be

Cheap Hot Tub Chemicals Cause Damage

Every day we repair hot tubs / spas for people that have used cheap, re-branded or swimming pool chemicals, the cost of this is usually really expensive, hot tub pumps tend to cost around £400 each, and the damage is heavy rusted bearings on 3 pumps the bill can become very expensive very quickly.

Spaform Hot Tub Covers and Repair Service

Spaform Spa Covers and Repair – Don’t forget we also offer a profesional repair service if you want us to come and fix your hot tub \ spa for you. Click the image of Hot Tub repair Man below:

Tips on Hot Tub Pump Issues

Hot Tub Pump Issues – Pumps are mechanical devices with moving parts and are among the first devices in the hot tub to cause problems. The problems usually occur because of: Examples

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