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Frozen Hot TubDon’t switch your hot tub of this year because its going to be  a cold winter, a little preparation can save alot of money and an expensive repair bill, already this year we have repaired many frozen hot tubs, the pipes had cracked or broken and the hot tubs could not hold water.

The following are a few pointers to help you prepare for a long cold winter.

If possible leave the hot tub switched on, maintain the chemicals in a normal fashion, check the filter because this will still need cleaning, but reduce the temperature to around 20C (if possible) to save on electricity.

What to do if you have a problem

Stopping a hot tub from freezing if a pump breaks isnt easy because…

If you have gate valves to a leaking or tripping pump, close them and unplug the pump and call / book in an hot tub engineer.

If you cant isolate the pump unplug it and call an hot tub engineer.

If you have a leak, can the water level be maintained untill an hot tub engineer can repair repair it.

Call an experienced hot tub repair company, not a have ago hero! a good company will have all the parts on their van already and repair the problem on the day, this could save any further freezing problems.

What to do if your hot tub Freezes.

If the hot tub is frozen can it be defrosted easily?

Is the hot tub in a shed or conservatory can the room be heated?

Does the circulation pump work? if so disconnect all the other pumps and air blower, and let the circulation pump and heater slowly reheat the hot tub. (the reason for disconnecting the main pumps and air blower is is because if half the pipes of a pump are frozen the remaining pipes will have twice the pressure and blow apart or split.)

Split or broken pipe work

If the hot tub is already leaking from broken pipes, call a hot tub engineer to repair A.S.A.P. this should save other pipes and the wet ends of the pumps from cracking.

Tripping Electrics

If the electrics on the hot tub are tripping, disconnect each plugged in part until it stops, ( A single pump filtering is enough to stop the hot tub from freezing).

Fully Foamed Hot Tubs

Important – A fully foamed hot tub can still freeze and makes for a more expensive repair.

Some American brands are fully foamed apart from the compartment area, this makes for very expensive repairs on water leaks especially when the side panels are not designed to come of.

Do not leave the panels of the compartment area, the hot tub pipes will freeze quicker.

Extra Insulation

If the hot tub is working fine and you have a good cover, you don’t need any extra insulation, this would restrict the flow of air and cause damp patches and rot inside your wooden framed hot tub.

New hot tub Cover

The time to buy a new hot tub cover is just before winter, the reason for this is it will hold more heat, stop steam and evaporation and save alot of money.

If you have a new cover you may need to reinforce it if the snow gets deep and heavy.

How to reinforce a hot tub cover

Lay planks of wood across the length of the cover, overlapping the ends slightly.

Put a sheet of plywood on top of this.

Filling with hot water

Do not fill a hot tub with hot water, this will instantly crack your plumbing, instead half fill and then top up with hot water, diluting the water in the middle of the hot tub.

Always fill the first half of the hot tub by putting the hose down the filter tube, this will remove air locks and stop the heater from burning out.

If topping up with hot water fill from the middle and slowly increase the water temperature.

Winterising – using antifreeze

So far antifreeze in a hot tub is not proven to work, it is very difficult to get the little bit of water the sit inside the plumbing of a hot tub.

Keep the hot tub switched on at a low temperature and control the chemicals.

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